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Bali Embroidered Rose Strap

Intrinsic Flair

It feels good to own truly unique items. We get it.

Each leather strap is hand embroidered. If you have ever tried to sew into leather before, we believe you would appreciate the artistry and skill behind the craftsmanship. Even the studs are placed strategically to provide flow throughout each strap.


  • Each strap is handmade. Please note that there may be slight variations of placement of the florals/studs depending on the length of the strap you order. The photo is to give you a general idea of what each strap looks like. 

  • ~2" wide

Handmade in Bali with love.

We are truly proud to be a part of the Slow Fashion Movement and to support artisans from indigenous heritage thrive. We do so by partnering with small family businesses to pay the amazing artisans a fair wage.



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