Pre-order: Panels for Custom Bag - Woven by 7/31

Intrinsic Flair

These newly panels are made to order. They will take approximately 1 month for our talented weavers to loom and 1 month for our artisan to make into a bag. So completion will be at the beginning-mid August.

Deposit is non-refundable. 

You can make any size Cara/Mojo for a total of $358.

Pequena is $258.

You can also buy the raw set for $225.

Please note that lighting can make photos appear different. Both photos above are of the same huipil panels. One is taken outside and the other is indoor. Colors can also appear different from screen to screen.

Please also know that the newly loomed panels and bag are handmade. Your appreciation for imperfection is valued.


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