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Sustainable Fashion with a Story

We are currently showcasing handmade items from Guatemala, Indonesia and Northern Thailand.

Upcycling the Traje

The Guatemalan Traje is the traditional outfit worn by the indigenous Mayan women. All aspects of the Traje are upcycled and used in our products.

The huipil (pronounced as "wee-peel") is a blouse, handwoven on back-strap loom. Each huipil can take up to six months to complete depending on the complexity of the patterns. The design of each blouse has special significance in that it is representative of an indigenous woman's geographical residence, social, marital and religious status. Once worn and lived, the huipil is used to create a beautiful bag.

The faja is a belt that becomes a chic camera strap or bag strap.

The cort is a traditional Mayan skirt that is used for various parts of a bag.

How's that for slow fashion, yet so forward?



Our handmade pom tassels are made by talented artisans from the Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand. Thank you for your purchases as they have been helping support the artisans and their families.



Our gorgeous Zippy's are handmade by a talented artisan in Indonesia. Each Zippy takes about two days to complete. That's a lot of hard work and love put into each bag for you.

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