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IF Custom Bag Process

Yay! You've selected a huipil for a custom order. Now what? First, jump up and down with your arms up in the air! lol! Ok for reals now...

A) Pick a style of bag

    1. Ami Tote
      $250, ~14”w x 15”h x 4”d
      (This Ami Tote typically comes with ~9” handles, removable leather crossbody strap, front and back slip pockets, interior zipped pocket, 2 interior access pockets, and zipper at main opening. Does not include backpack straps but you can request to add them for free.)
    2. Cara (see below)
    3. Mojo (see below)
    4. Pequena, $178 (smaller than xs Cara. Includes backpack straps, side leather pockets, removable crossbody strap. It's a very small bag.)


B) If you select a Cara or Mojo, pick a size 

    1. xs (smallest of the Cara's), $200
      price includes free huipil shoulder strap 
    2. Mini, $255, ~11.5”h x 16”w x 4.5”d
    3. Medium, $280, ~ 12”h x 17.5”w x 5.5”
    4. Big, $305, ~13.5” x 20” x 5.5”

**Price includes free domestic shipping.
***Please note that sizes may vary as they are handmade. 


If a Cara is your jam, select below

    1. Yes/No for Backpack straps (no extra cost)
    2. Keep/No embroidered neckline. If no, then
    3. Yes/No Leather trim at slip pockets

(Cara’s typically include a removable and adjustable leather crossbody strap, front and back slip pockets, interior zipped pocket, 2 interior access pockets). Does not include handles or backpack straps.)


If Mojo speaks to your soul, select below

    1. Keep/No embroidered neckline. If no, then
    2. Yes/No Leather trim at slip pocket
    3. Yes/No leather side pockets. 
      1. If No, then you can select corte as an option Or no pockets at all. We will email you corte options upon request or tag you in an album via the Intrinsic Flair Signature Crew FB group.

(Mojo’s generally include short handles, front slip pocket, backpack straps, a removable and adjustable crossbody strap, interior zipped pocket, 2 interior access pockets)


C) Pick the leather

    1. Brown
    2. Tan Antigua
    3. Duna (caramelo, brown, black, navy)


D) Extras

You may include the following extras

    • Short shoulder strap with matching huipil at $40
      (xs Cara’s include matching shoulder strap free of cost)
    • Braided shoulder or crossbody strap at $25. Please specify length and note that these may be 1-2” off from what you specify.
    • Accessories if possible
      (XL Coco $115, Big
       Coco $92, Coco $70, Big Bubbly $48, Bubbly $32, Flat Stanley $32)

Finally, please email your custom order to

Pssttt... Many folks in the Intrinsic Flair Signature Crew on FB would be happy to help with ideas and mock ups.  


General Notes

  • Please make sure your mock ups match with your written specifications. For example, if your mock up shows no slip pockets, artisan may assume you don’t want slip pockets. This may lead to more errors.

  • Please do not change the style of bags (i.e. increase height of bag by 2”, braided handles). However, you may request for longer handles for your Mojo’s. If so, it would be  approx. 9” in length and free of cost.

  • You may put in a request for placement of huipil for specific parts of the bag. However, please note that it may not always be possible to make it exactly like your request as the size of the huipils vary.

  • No cancellations. 
  • No Transfers. We try our best to be accommodating where it makes sense to do so. However, please understand that it requires extra time to be involved in transactions outside of the direct one with IF. Therefore, we appreciate that you understand the reason behind No Transfers.

  • All New Totes, Pequena's, Cara’s and Mojo’s are now made floppy.

Thank you so much for your support of our artisans! We hope this is a clear and easy process. Have fun creating your bag! xo!

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