Pre-Order of Newly Woven W Panels

Please Read FAQ Carefully Before Making a Purchase 

  • Will we get exact colors and weaves?

    These panels are all handwoven. Therefore, weaves will not be exactly the same as what's shown in the photo. Additionally, we have learned that the colors are also not exact. They seem to be bolder and darker IRL. Some huipils may have loose threads. We see this as normal.

  • What style of bags can be made?

    You can choose to make a Cara/Mojo with the W panels. Price will be $358 plus shipping regardless of the size of the bags.

    Mini Cara/Mojo (aka Small)
    ~10.5h x 14.5"w x 5"d 
    6"h side pockets

    Medium Cara/Mojo
    ~13"h x 17"w x 6"d
    7"h side pockets

    Big Cara/Mojo
    ~13.5"h x 20"w 5.5"d
    8"h side pockets

    * You can request for either a 5" or 9" drop handle. Width of all handles will be 1" wide.
    *You can request for black, tan, canela, green, and brown leather.
    * You can choose leather or corte as side pockets.
    * Add backpack straps to Cara or not

    Deposit is non-refundable and will apply to your custom order. We will contact you when we have the bag in hand. Payment for the balance will be due at that time.

  • What is the turn around time?

    It takes approximately 8 weeks for completion. However, we cannot guarantee the timing due to the current lockdown in Guatemala but will update you from time to time via IG/FB.

  • Can we choose placement?

    We do not accept requests for specific placements. Artisan will use his best judgment for placement. Typically artisan uses the center of the huipil for the main part of the bag.

  • Can we buy the newly woven panels as a raw set?

    Absolutely. You can buy them as a raw set for $225. Only the deposit amount is required at the time of pre-order. 

  • Can we make accessories?

    We are not accepting requests for accessories at this time.

  • Can we request for specific changes on bags?

    In order to avoid confusion and maximize efficiency, we do not allow for changes to the standard design other than the following:

    * leather color
    * drop handle 5" or 9"
    * add backpack straps to Cara or not
  • Can we buy the scraps?

    We do not sell scraps. Artisan will use any remaining parts of huipil for accessories if requested/possible. 

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds or cancellations.